Tech / Ford / Cook Hall / MEC Evacuation Warden Certification


Phone Extension:
Email Address:
Area Evacuation of Responsibility:


Fire Extinguisher Trained: Yes No
(Only staff trained by NU Risk Management should deploy fire extinguishers in an emergency.)


1. List the locations of 3 manual alarm pull stations in your area of responsibilty:

2. Describe two different exit routes (include which wing if in Tech) from your area to use in the event of an evacuation.

3. What is the phone number to dial in an emergency?

4. What number should you dial in a non-emergency situation (to reach the NU police)?

5. What is the number for laboratory assistance/Office of Research Safety?

6. If located in Tech, list the location of a yellow Emergency Phone in your area.

7. What is the rally point for your department?

8. Do you have a current Room/Lab Roster sheet (see Appendix C of the Tech or Ford Emergency Response Plan) ready and accessible?

Yes No

9. As an evacuation warden, what do you do if there is an evacuation signal for your area of responsibility?

  1. Using my Room/Lab Roster sheet, quickly survey my rooms of responsibility; notify occupants to leave; and then leave the building myself and move to the rally point.
  2. If there is time, don my day-glo warden armband (so emergency personnel can see me.)
  3. Advise professional emergency personnel of any special needs/situations in your area of responsibility.
  4. All of the above.
  5. None of the above.

10. Is it the responsibility of the evacuation warden to remain in your area of responsibility to help others even if this means you will put yourself in danger?

  1. Yes
  2. No, at no time should a searcher/warden joepardize his or her own personal safety.

11. Name any person(s) with special needs that are in your area of responsibility on a regular basis.

12. How can you best assist persons with special needs?

  1. In advance, be aware of who they are and their usual work location.
  2. In advance, work with the person and your department's safety committee member to identify an evacuation plan.
  3. In an actual emergency, if all else fails, move the person to a stairwell behind a fire door and alert professional emergency personnel of their location.
  4. All of the above

13. Have you read the entire Emergency Response Plan for the building of your area of responsibility (Tech / Ford / Cook Hall / MEC)?

Yes No

14. Are you familiar with your department's safety plan (see your Department Chair or Business Administrator)?

Yes No

15. What's the best course of action when you or someone in your group detects a strong, unidentifiable odor in the hallway, office, classroom or lab area?

  1. During standard business hours, call Facilities Management at 1-5201.
  2. After hours, call UP at 456.
  3. Either of the above

16. What should a department or group do once they reach their rally point?

  1. The safety rep or a proxy should quickly survey their wardens for status on the evacuation of people with special note of any persons remaining inside or in special need.
  2. One person from the group should communicate (in person or via cell) with the Tech Building Manager at the Incident Command Center.
  3. The group should wait for an official signal to return to the building once determined by the Evanston Fire Dept or UP.
  4. All of the above

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